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The Brilliant Child Christian Academy Elementary Program seeks to develop in our children through a holistic and balanced manner their cognitive, physical, emotional and social aspects. It provides engaging, syllabus-based pursuits that promote basic literacy, numeracy and artistry.

At BCCA, we work towards developing highly motivated students capable of meeting and overcoming challenges through exceptional academic competency, character development, athletic endeavors, artistic exposure and community involvement.

We offer a refreshing alternative to methodical education, ensuring that our children become participants more than spectators inside the classroom and in the world in general. We utilize a mixed curriculum, using the best of different educational programs. We are supported by teachers who have a proven passion for education with even greater passion for the love of God. With these, our children will be better equipped to handle the rigors of higher learning in the coming years.

To know more about our Elementary Program, please call us at 702-889-0496 or send us a message online.