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Introducing Brilliant Child Christian Academy

Our Christian learning academy is home to many promising learners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Through our faith-based teaching, we hope to deliver a transformative Christian education that will help our students grow holistically.

By choosing to enroll in our school programs, parents will steadily witness their children flourish as they slowly share their God-given talents for the world to appreciate. Our school is the place where your child opens a world of BRILLIANT possibilities!

What We Do Programs We Offer

We design our student-centered programs to help our learners excel in academics and grow deeper in faith. Our programs will help your child explore their innate gifts and curiosities.

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We provide children with a meaningful childhood.

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We harness your child’s potential through our programs.

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Middle School

We promote each of our learner’s holistic development.

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High School

We teach adolescents the beauty of life and learning.

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School Clubs

We give our students an avenue to hone their talents.

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More Programs

Learn more about the academic programs we offer.

We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to care for, educate, and inspire our students, parents, and the community with a meaningful purpose. We go by our commitment to deliver genuine care to the members of the BCCA community and to bring forth quality and holistic education to the students. We believe that education empowers the community, and our goal is to inspire the students to think critically, creatively, and in insightful ways.

About Us
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