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We are the learning academy that cultivates your child’s growth as an exceptional student and devout Christian.
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Introducing: Brilliant Child Christian Academy!

With accreditation by the Nevada Department of Education, our Christian private school offers holistic education that aims to nourish each child’s potential and help them excel in their studies. Our classroom settings are conducive to transformative learning since we foster a culture of encouragement within our classes, making our learners motivated to pursue excellence. At the heart of our teachings lies our unwavering faith in Christ. As a learning institution, we find purpose in ushering our children to the path that takes them closer to God.

We consider every child that enters our care as a God-given blessing. That is why we strive to see them attain success in life. And for us to carry out this mission, we promise to play an active role in each child’s development by instilling within them holistic learning and Christian morality. Witness your child flourish with us!

Our Philosophy and Goals

We, in our deepest faith, believe that all children are God’s wonderful gift to humankind. And here in BCCA, we aim to teach these children about God and his teachings. We developed activities and programs that would help the kids engage in Bible stories and teach them Christian values and Biblical truths. We also provide programs for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers that build upon the foundation of the Bible and gear towards their academics, social skills, and, most importantly, their preparation for Kindergarten.

Our Vision Statement

Brilliant Child Christian Academy is committed to delivering quality service to the children, parents, and the community. Our aim is to develop a caring, collaborative, and holistic learning experience for all our students. We also encourage all the members of our community to serve as exemplary role models by demonstrating respect, prudence, honesty, sensibility, and compassion to others using God’s biblical teaching.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to care for, educate, and inspire our students, parents, and the community with a meaningful purpose. We go by our commitment to deliver genuine care to the members of the BCCA community and to bring forth quality and holistic education to the students. We believe that education empowers the community, and our goal is to inspire the students to think critically, creatively, and in insightful ways.

Core Values

BCCA firmly believes that accomplishing our mission entails the school community’s efforts to live with the core values we represent. Our values include:

  • Christ-Centered Biblical Worldview
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Academic Excellence
  • Maturity of Ethical and Moral Character
  • Community Citizenship
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Personal Responsibility and Accountability
  • Transparent, Honest, and Open Communication
  • Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships and Effective Support Networks

Drop Us a Line!

We invite our dearest parents to communicate with us whenever they need assistance. For a seamless way to reach out to us, call us at 702-772-6449 or send us your message online. We’ll happily accommodate you!