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We provide our learners with a strong academic foundation in our elementary programs!

The Brilliant Child Christian Academy Elementary Program seeks to develop the child’s cognitive, physical, emotional, and social aspects through a holistic and balanced manner. It provides engaging, syllabus-based pursuits promoting basic literacy, numeracy, basic life skills, and artistry.

At BCCA, we work towards developing highly motivated students capable of meeting and overcoming challenges through exceptional academic competency, character development, athletic endeavors, artistic exposure, and community involvement.

We offer a refreshing alternative to methodical education, ensuring that our children become participants more than spectators inside the classroom and generally in the world. We utilize a mixed curriculum, using the best of different educational programs. We are supported by teachers who have a proven passion for education with an even greater passion for the love of God. With these, our children will be better equipped to handle the rigors of higher learning in the coming years.

What to expect per grade level:


BCCA equips each child with the necessary educational background to excel in their elementary education. Our teaching staff incorporates age-appropriate lessons on language, numbers, writing, sciences, and religion into the kindergarten curriculum. We strive to help our learners develop into critical thinkers and god-fearing individuals.

1st Grade

As advocates for learning and faith, BCCA aims to provide each child with a memorable learning experience, especially in their first year of formal schooling. We provide our first graders an avenue to enhance their skills in various academic subjects, such as math, science, social studies, and many others.

2nd Grade

In second grade, the students at BCCA experience the best of technology as we incorporate our academic lessons and values formation into a digital platform. Along with our interactive classroom discussions, the children will get to expand their knowledge of the subjects we’ve taught them at their previous grade level.

3rd Grade

BCCA considers the Bible as our primary source for Christian teachings. Hence, we offer a bible-based faith education, along with our extensive academic curriculum. We strive to expose our third graders to the beauty of God’s Word and help them strengthen their faith at such an early age.

4th Grade

As our students reach the fourth grade, BCCA expects them to attain commendable skills and knowledge. We help each child nurture such capabilities by offering learning opportunities that promote their critical thinking and self-esteem. Our engaging program will prepare our learners for a higher learning level as they slowly transition into middle school.

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